Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Release - Conversations with Saint Bernard - Jim Kraus

Dear Readers,

Jim Kraus hit on a hidden gold mine when he wrote is book The Dog Who Talked to God.  He tapped into fiction readers that loved an endearing book and those folks who loved to read books about animals.  He followed that book up with one for cat lovers with The Cat that God Sent.

His newest release continues along those lines with Conversations with Saint Bernard.  George Gibson is taking a trip that he never got to take with his wife.  It was on their bucket list, but she past away before they had a chance to go.  So he is going to take this trip across America and the others plans he doesn't tell anyone else about.

Conversations with Saint BernardHis daughter hears about a beloved Saint Bernard that needs a home and talks George into taking him.  Lewis fits in the side car of George's motorcycle and from their the adventures begin.  Strangely Lewis seems to attract people every where, of course a giant dog sitting in a sidecar will do that.  But George  starts talking to Lewis and the healing begins.

Who doesn't like a book with a huge cuddly dog?  I think that the majority of fiction books I have read have a pet in it somewhere.  Even if it doesn't really add to the story, authors seem to like to include them.  Pets are a gift from God that remind us that no matter how awful we are, someone still loves us.  Thank goodness.

Find your favorite chair call Rover/Spot/Tiger over and enjoy.

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