Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Release - The Outlaw takes a Wife - Susan Page Davis

Dear Readers,

 There is one genre that has been around since Louis L'Amour pen his first book.  Actually it was probably longer than that, but he is an author I remember reading as a kid.  My grandfather loved his book and owned a whole set of them and I made my way through them during my childhood and early teens, so the Western hold a special place in my heart. 

The Outlaw takes a Bride by Susan Page Davis has the feel of a western, with cowboys and a cattle ranch, but with a small nod to the Mail Order Brides.  Susan combined the two genres to make an wonderful little read. 

Sally Golding is ready to put the past behind her, her husband has past and she regrets her unhappy marriage.  She is moving from St. Louis to Texas to become the wife of Mark Paynter whom she has been in contact with through letters.  He was looking for a wife and with their letter writing had gotten to know Sally.

Johnny Paynter is running from Denver, fleeing a false accusation of murder.  He decides to hide at his brother's ranch.  When arriving his brother Mark has been killed and Johnny decides to take over his life.  The problem is, Johnny - now Mark - doesn't know that Sally is on the way.  What will happen when she arrives in town?

A good old fashion love story of two very unlikely characters.  Throw in the cowboys and some cattle rustlers and you have a delightful read. 

Happy Reading,

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