Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Reading list for August

Dear Readers,  

I know it is the second, I wasn't sure which to do first the summer list of the new releases.  I went with the new releases.  Hope that didn't throw off your summer reading.  :-)

Happy Reading, 

The Wedding Chapel – Rachel Hauck - Jimmy "Coach" Westbrook built a wedding chapel for his beloved wife.  Taylor Branson takes a photograph assignment to get away from everything, including her own marriage.  When their two stories collide they may discover their own dreams again.

If I Run – Terri Blackstock – Casey goes on the run after finding her boyfriend murdered.  She knows she will not be given a fair deal with the local police.  Dylan is hired to track her down and bring her back.  The problem is for him, the evidence of her guilt doesn’t add up.

The Inheritance – Michael Phillips - #1 Secrets of the Shetland - When Macgregor Tulloch passes away, everyone assumes that his grand-nephew will inherit the estate, but when no will is found it throws not only the estate into turmoil, but also the people that rely on them for jobs.  Will the true heir ever be found?  And who is this stranger from America that shows up suddenly?

Cold Shot - Dani Pettrey- #1 Chesapeake Valor - Four best friend from college, then one goes missing. Years have passed and Griffin is now a park ranger.  He is hiding from his dark past, but when a body is found in the Civil War park he works at, his past and present collide.

Messenger by Moonlight – Stephanie Whitson - A novel about the pony express - Annie and her two brothers are looking for a place to settle.  Her brothers see an advertisement for the pony express and take the job and finding her one in a remote outpost.  The cantankerous owner seems to just be waiting for Annie to fail. Will she be able to prove him wrong?  

Playing the Part – Jen Turano - - Lucetta's admirer suddenly takes on a threatening tone.  She is whisked away to Abigail Hart's grandson's estate.  He isn't quite what he seems to be and Lucetta can't ignore what is going on.  But will it turn dangerous also? 

The Feathered Bone – Julie Cantrell - Amanda Salassi is a chaperone for her daughter's 6th grade class trip to New Orleans.  When on the girls on the trip goes missing, Amanda spirals into depression and guilt.  Will she ever be able to move past the lost or will it cost her everything?

Lead Me Home – Amy Sorrells - Abandoned by his no-good father and forced to grow up too soon, Noble Burden has set his dreams aside to run the family farm. Meanwhile, James Horton, the pastor of the local church, questions his own calling as he prepares to close the doors for good.
As a severe storm rolls through, threatening their community and very livelihood, both men fear losing what they care about most . . . and reconsider where they truly belong.

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray – Dorothy Love – June Release - A general’s wife and a slave girl forge a friendship that transcends race, culture, and the crucible of Civil War.

Annabel Lee – Mike Nappa - #1 A Coffey and Hill Novel - Annabel Lee's "Uncle" has hidden her in a bunker deep in the Alabama swamp.  Trudi Coffey is hired to find a secret for a Dr. Smith.  She doesn't know that the secret is Annabel Lee.  She just knows she can't trust Dr. Smith and she needs to contact her ex.

A Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder – Rachel McMillan - #1 Herringford & Watts Mysteries - 1910 Toronto.  Merinda and Jem are not your typical young girls.  They are not interested in perfecting their domestic skills and finding a husband.  They would rather track down the murderer of young Irish women.

Code 13 – Don Brown - #2 Navy Jag Series - Caroline is getting use to her new job at Code 13.  When her co-worker is gunned down in cold blood, she vows to find his killer.  As she starts to complete what he was working on, it becomes clear she is the next target.

The Calling –Rachel Dekker - #2 A Seer Novel - A series that started with The Calling, continues.  Remko and Carrington launch an all-out assault of the City and all they hold dear.  Spreading the word of hope.  But as they grow stronger the Authority works harder to destroy them.

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