Monday, August 8, 2016

New Releases - August 1 - 6

Dear Readers,

The un-offical end of summer is rapidly approaching.  I am not ready for fall yet.  Well at least not the cooler temps and shorter days.  But the fall colors and a walk in the woods, that I love.  But in the meantime I shall continue to enjoy the summer reading list and slowly pass the dog days of summer.

Happy reading,

When Death Draws Near - Carrie Stuart Parks - #3 Gwen Marcey novels - Gwen Marcey takes a job in Kentucky.  She is tracking a serial rapist.  There are witnesses, but they leave town as fast as they can.  No one is talking.  The police think she quickly solves the case but Gwen is not so sure.  When she continues to follow the clues it leads to a snake handling church.

Where Hope Prevails - Janette Oke/Laurel Oke Logan - #3 Return to the Canadian West - Elizabeth's return to Coal Valley is not all happiness.  Her Mountie has not proposed, but Elizabeth is positive she knows what she will answer when he ask.  What about the kids in school, something is different and she is not sure she can adjust.

Guide Me Home - Kim Vogel Sawyer - Rebekah Hardin wants to honor her beloved brother's memory.  She also wants to help her family.  She takes a job as a guide in Kentucky's Mammoth cave.  Because they only hire men, Rebekah has to disguise herself.  Will she be able to keep her identity a secret, even from handsome cartographer Devlin Bale?

The Artisan's Wife - Judith Miller - #3 Refined by Love - Ainslee life is not going the way she planned.  When her sister elopes Ainslee is left to travel with her brother to learn the ropes, while planning to still sell the company as quickly as possible.  What she didn't count on is Levi Judson who is excited to show off his new designs to help keep the tile company open.

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