Monday, August 29, 2016

New Releases - August 22-27

Dear Readers,

This is the unofficial "lets go camping as summer is over" week.  I know my family used always go camping on the week before Labor day.  Which of course meant a trip to the local bookstore or library to make sure we had enough books to read for either the trip to the campground or if it happened to rain.  Now a days I stay home this week and let the families camp.  But reading, well of course this week is great for it.

Happy Reading,

The Room with The Second Best View - Virginia Smith - #3 Tales from the Goose Creek B&B - Goose Creek is celebrating 150 years.  The buzz is in the air for not only the celebration, but also the wedding of the veterinarian.  Al is fine with it all until Millie surprising him with an idea for the B&B.

When Fall Fades - Amy Leigh Simpson - #1 The Girl Next Door - Sadie Carson has pretty much given up on her dreams.  Working as a hospice nurse she is able to help give others the closure she can't seem to find.  When her elderly neighbor is murdered, Sadie is determined to find out what and who killed him.

From Winter's Ashes - Amy Leigh Simpson -#2 The Girl Next Door - Joselyn Whyte has been labeled "Snow Whyte" by firefighter Finn Carson.  But when her life is threatened by an arsonist, they must join forces and find out who would want to wants her dead.

Mary Chosen of God - Diana Wallis Taylor - Mary is the chosen one. The ordinary girl chosen to raise the Son of God.  Who was she, how did she endure all that God was asking of her?  What can we learn from her walk from the mother of Jesus to one of the early members of a radical new religion.

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