Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morgan L. Busse

Dear Readers,

I was enjoying spending time on an author chat on Facebook.  It was fun to interact with not only other readers, but also various authors.  I later found out I had won one of the drawings for a book, how fun and new book!  Tainted by Morgan L. Busse.  I will freely admit this is not a book I would normally read as it is in the steampunk genre.  I will also say  that I am very glad I read it.

Tainted is book #1 in the Soul Chronicles with book #2 due out the spring of 2017.  Which is not soon enough in my humble opinion.

Kat Bloodmayne has always known she needs to keep her emotions in check.  There is a power within her that is released when she has any strong emotional response.  This power can hurt others and she has little to no control over it.  Her greatest desire is to find a cure so she can live a normal happy life.

Bounty Hunter Stephen Gray has a reputation of always finding his man.  But when Kat shows up one morning asking for help Stephen knows there is something very different about her and her request.

A fast-paced action adventure filled with evil scientist, steampunk themes, and fantasy.  I would recommend this book to not just fans of steampunk, but for anyone looking for a good read.  I am looking forward to what happens to Kat and Stephen.

Thank you Morgan to being brave enough to wade into a different genre in the Christian Market.

Happy Reading,

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