Monday, August 22, 2016

New Releases - August 15 - 20

Dear Readers,

When you read this post I shall be on vacation.  There is something sweet about being able to write a post a couple days ahead.  For some reason and I guess it is so I don't have to worry about it on vacation, it just makes it more satisfying.   Whatever it is, I plan on getting some reading done and I can't wait.

Happy Reading,

A Heart Most Certain - Melissa Jagears -Lydia joins the Teaville Moral Society to help those in need.  She understand what that is like as her family is experiencing it because of her father's debts.  Her first task is to get a donation from the wealthiest man in town - but he turns her down.  Melissa is determined to get a donation no matter how small.

Sewn with Joy - Tricia Goyer/Sherry Gore - #3 The Pinecraft Pie Shop - Joy Miller is ready to be a wife and mother and it seems to be her relationship is leading to that.  Well that is until the TV crews arrive.  They want to film a new series about the Amish and the tension not only threatens the community it threatens Joy and Matthew's relationship.

Until I Love Again - Jerry S. Eicher - #2 The St. Lawrence County Amish - Susanna Miller's rumspringa is not something she wants to talk about.  Things got a bit out of hand and she really just wants to forget about it.  That is until a birthday sign shows up and she knows that her relationship has maybe gone too far.

Disillusioned - Christy Barritt - Nikki Wright is just trying to help her brother.  Ever since escaping the terrorists in Colombia, he has been in hiding.  Rumor has it he helped the terrorist and everyone wants to know his story.  When she finally finds him, they both realize the paparazzi is not their only problem.

Sarah's Orphans - Vannetta Chapman - #3 Plain and Simply Miracles - Sarah Yoder's life in not plain and simple.  She has taken on the raising of her younger siblings after a series of tragedies.  Paul Byler is ready to have a place of his own, a quiet place, but the place he owns is next to Sarah's property and they always seem to need help.

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