Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lawana Blackwell

Dear Readers,

Welcome back Lawana Blackwell, you have been missed by readers.  A Haven on Orchard Lane is Lawana's first book in 8 years and I for one could hardly wait to read it.  The best part was I was able to savor it while sitting at the beach one day on vacation.

A+Haven+on+Orchard+LaneA gentle tale of life in Victorian England.  Charlotte escapes her abusive marriage.  Her husband only married her for any money that she is rumored to have.  When he finds out that she has none he mocks her for anything and everything.  So when she is offered a chance to return to the stage she makes a run for it.

The results are a disaster.  With no where to return, her estranged daughter rescues her and helps her settle into a small cottage in a lovely village to recover.  Charlotte and Rosalind's relationship is non-existence  since Charlotte left Rosalind with an aunt to raise.

Even with the two women trying to make there way back to each other, this is a gentle story.  It makes you want to go back in time to live in one of those wonderful village.  Lawana has wonderful characters who you want to meet and even though not everyone is perfect, they are people you want to know.

If you are looking for a wonderful, refreshing, tender story.  It is not only a story of a mother daughter relationship it is how those around us are there to help us through those valleys.  Of course it is a great way to take a vacation to England also.

Happy Reading.

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