Monday, August 15, 2016

New Releases - August 8 - 13

Dear Readers,

The end of summer releases are starting to roll in.  I am excited for many of the titles and can't wait to get started.  How about you?  Ready for some new books?

Happy Reading,

Without Warning - Lynette Eason - #2 Elite Guardians - Daniel Matthews' has become a target of someone looking to drive him out of business.  But he is not convinced he needs a bodyguard.  A new attack and his niece's urging change his mind.  Now Daniel and Katie Singleton must figure out who has made him a target and why.

A Tapestry of Secrets - Sarah Loudin Thomas - Perla has kept her secret for many years.  But watching her granddaughter struggle with the same problem, she has decided to break her silence.  As she is ready to share her secret, the chance is lost, has Perla waited to long?

My Sister's Prayer - Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould - #2 Cousins of the Dove - Virginia 1704 - Celeste Talbot has fallen in love with a soldier reassigned to the colonies.  She decides to follow him to the Americas, but finds out her sister has been kidnapped and is on the same ship.  Virginia - modern day - Maddee has agreed to take in her sister after a serious car accident.  But as they dig deeper into a childhood trauma, Maddee realizes they are now being watch by a shadowy figure.

A Lesson in Love and Murder - Rachel McMillan - #2 Herringford and Watts Mysteries - Merinda eagerly accepts a case involving Royal Mounted Police, Benny Citrone, runaway niece.  What they don't know it this case will take them from Toronto to Chicago and uncover an attempt to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt.

Flashpoint - Thomas Locke - #2 Fault Lines - Lena is on the verge of a life - transforming windfall.  A mysterious invitation crushes her, but open up a breath taking future.  Reese Clawson is released from prison bent on destroying all who had a hand in her downfall.  Lena and Reese are on a collision course that could not only redefine them, but all of mankind.

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