Monday, September 14, 2015

New Releases September 7 - 12

Dear Readers,

The only problem I really have with my Monday morning posts are that it makes me want to read all the books I list.  Okay maybe not all of them, but more than what I would have normally thought of reading.  But on the other hand, that is really not a problem except for my TBR pile keeps getting bigger. :-)

Happy Reading,

The Photograph - Beverly Lewis - Eva's sister is missing, but the new guy in town has a really interesting photograph.  Why would an old Order Amish pose for a picture when they are strictly forbidden?

Only with Blood - Therese Downs - A novel of Ireland - Jack Flynn is nearing the end of his life and wants a wife to bear him sons.  He goes to a local matchmaker and chooses Caitlin.  Half his age and resentful of her new life and forced obedience, she is hoping to be rescued.  Donal Kelly arrives in town, an IRA activist and ready to fit for those who are downtrodden, especially the beautiful Caitlin.

Oswald - Edoardo Albert - Return of the King - #2 The Northumbrian Thrones series - Oswald has peace, bet the peace won't last.  Gwymedd and Mercia are roaming the land and Oswald needs to claim his right to the throne, but he is sick of bloodshed.  Will Oswald make the right choice or will the abbey get a new monk?

Conversations with a Guardian Angel - Robert Wicks - Jack is recovering from a personal tragedy and is struggling to find hope.  Then he starts have a conversation with his guardian angel, Kathleen. She gives him a whole new perspective and insight in to a new time in his life.

A Lesson in Hope - Phillip Gulley - #2 in the Hope series - Sam has only been pastor of Hope Friends Meeting when Olive Chambers dies.  What causes the stir is that she leaves her entire estate to the church.  An estate worth almost one million dollars.  As the news of the gift spreads opinions differ on how it should be spent.

The Sweetest Rain - Myra Johnson - Flowers of Eden #1 - The drought of 1930 changed everything for Bryony and her family.  Her mama moved the family to grandfather's tenant farm in tiny Eden and times are tough.  Until Bryony meets Michael Heath and finds his beautiful artwork.

Refuge of the Heart - Ruth Logan Herne - Mitchell is a law and order kind of attorney.  It is what will get him re-elected.  But the women he has finally show an interest in may derail that re-election plan. Magdalena is a refugee from Chechnya and her faith is the only thing that kept her going during great tragedy.  Will rumors about her past ruin not only their new love, but also Mitchell's political career?

Recalled - Greg Hibbins - Angel Force #1 - The peace of early May Cornwall is about to be shattered by an attack by al-Qaeda.  Will the one man to witness the start of the attacks be able to stop them?  He will have to rely on his faith in God to help him survive.

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