Friday, September 25, 2015

New Release - On a Firm Foundation - Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,

I can't remember the last time a Biblical series did so well as Lynn Austin's The Restoration Chronicles.  Book #1 Return to Me flew off the shelves and each book after has also.  Readers are eating them up and looking for more so book #3, On this Foundation, has not sat on the shelves long.

On+This+FoundationAs the walls of Jerusalem rise so do the enemies trying to make sure the country of Israel never lives again.  When word reaches Nehemiah that the walls are broken and the gates buried, he turns to God for guidance.  He then sets out for Jerusalem himself to make sure the city is rebuilt and God's leadership is followed.

The powerful conclusion to Lynn's popular series, you will find yourself with a great understanding of what life was like for the group of Israelites who were willing to risk their lives to make sure their country is safe and rebuilt so once again it can be a strong and powerful nation.

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