Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Release - The Choir Immortal - Katie Schuermann

Dear Readers,

I had the chance to meet Katie Schuermann at a convention this past summer.  I can so easily say that her personality comes through in her writing very clearly.  She was just a delight to talk to.  As I watched her with other visitors to her booth, I could see the bubbly personality that came through in her characters and also a lovely sense of humor.  So I was glad to see her sequel to House of Living Stones arrive here at the store.

The Choir Immortal picks up almost where "House" left off.  Two of Bradbury's own are getting married.  It will be the wedding of the century and anyone who is anyone will be there.  But does any wedding go off without a hitch?  This one doesn't.  If it isn't the broken air-conditioner, the cake starts to melt and if that isn't enough, maybe a trip to the emergency room will ruin the day.

House of Living Stones by Katie SchuermannThankfully the church rallies and all is well.  They just had to learn that prayers, patience and cinnamon rolls are usually a great way to handle those difficult days.

Fun, laugh worthy and a delight to read, I have this one on the TBR list.  We all know people that Katie writes about.  For better or for worse we will all find even ourselves on these pages of what life is like in a church.

Happy Reading,

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