Monday, September 21, 2015

New Releases - September 14 - 19

Dear Readers,

I have lost all control of my TBR pile.  It has taken over my library at home and is now trying to stake claim of the bedroom.  This list does not help the matter at all.  I guess all I can do is hope to not get buried under it all.  The again maybe that won't be so bad as then I can just try and read myself out.

Happy Reading,

On This Foundation - Lynn Austin - #3 The Restoration Chronicles - Work on the Jerusalem continues.  Nehemiah sets off for the city never dreaming of all the danger facing him and the small little country of Israel.

Vendetta - Lisa Harris - #1 The Nikki Boyd Files - Nikki is the best at her job, finding missing people.  Except her sister who has been missing for years now.  When cases start crossing her desk that remind her of her sisters case, Nikki believes she has a serial killer on her hands.

Fire and Ice - Mary Connealy - #3 Wilde at Heart - Bailey is the oldest sister, the one use to taking care of things for everyone.  Now that the other sisters have left, Bailey finds herself lonely.  When an agreement with her stubborn next door neighbor, will either of these independent homesteaders find true love.

Streams of Mercy - Lauraine Snelling - #3 Song of Blessing - Anji Baard Moen returns to North Dakota after losing her husband.  She settles back into her old routine quickly and things get back to normal for her.  Thomas Devlin is a pastor without a church and mostly fills his days with carpenter work. Is there possibility of love for them?

Two Steps Forward - Sharon Brown - #2 - The long awaited sequel to Sensible shoes.  The story of our 4 women continues after the class has ended.  Will they be able to bring all they learned into their everyday lives?  God has a lot planned for them, walk alongside of them as they put their lessons into practice.

Murder at the Courthouse - A.H. Gabhart - #1 A Hidden Springs Mystery - Michael Keane quit his job as a Columbus police officer to get away from the murder and mayhem.  Nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky, well that is until the dead body is discovered on the court house steps.

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