Monday, September 7, 2015

New Releases - August 31 - September 5

Dear Readers,

Labor day weekend.  A time to relax one last time before the busyness of Fall hits.  Of course if you are like me that hit about 2 weeks ago, but there is something about a 3 day weekend as an adult that is so fun.  One extra day to sleep in, goof off and just not worry about work.

Here are a few titles to make the transition back in to reality tomorrow a bit easier.

Happy Reading,

The Sword and the Song - C.E. Laureano - #3 The Song of Seare - Red Druid is getting stronger and ready to stand against the Brotherhood.  The conflict inside the Brotherhood may cause them to fall.  Will Eoghan claim his right to rule?  Will the mission face defeat when the Red Druid attacks?

Second Chances - Sarah Price - #3 Amish Classics Series - Retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion - Eight years after Anna's parents convinced her to break it off with Freman, he returns to her little community.  He is not married and Anna wants to ask his forgiveness and tell him she still and always has loved him.  Will he believe her?

Stealing Jake - Pam Hillman - Livy is not going back to her old life and has now taken a job helping street kids just like she used to be.  Moving to Chestnut, Illinois is where she is starting over.  Sheriff deputy Jake Russell doesn't have time for a girlfriend, but there is something about that new girl in town...

The Pilgrim - Davis Bunn - Empress Helena is on a Pilgrimage to Judea.  She faces trials and assassins but with the protection of God and his many miracles, this woman will lead many to faith and changes lives forever.

At Home in Persimmon Hollow - Gerri Bauer - Persimmon Hollow Legacy#1 - Agnes leaves the orphanage in New York to teach in Persimmon Hollow Florida.  She has to leave behind everything she knows including the little girl she is hoping to adopt one day.  With only her strong faith to rely on, Agnes must make her way in this little frontier town.

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