Monday, August 3, 2015

New Releases - July 27 - August 1

Dear Readers,

I can not believe that it is the first week of August.  Maybe because our summer has been pretty mild and low humidity, but for whatever reason, I feel like I just wrote my Summer read list.  How many did you get read?  Hopefully you had plenty of time to make that TBR pile a bit smaller.  Here are a couple more to add to it, just in case.

Happy Reading,

Trial Run - Thomas Locke - Gabriella is an elite scientist who is working on out-of-body  experiences that will transcend time and space.  But now those that are willing volunteers are falling into comas and they don't return. What is causing this to happen? and who is responsible?

A Heart Revealed - Josi S. Kilpack - Amber was the toast of the town when she had her first season.  She has her pick of men and she knows she wants a title and money.  Why worry about love when you can have those things instead.  A scandal brings her down and she wonders if anyone will every marry her?

The Potter's Lady - Judith Miller - #2 Refined by Love - Rose McKay is determined to help her brother make their new pottery business work.  Rylan Campbell resents that she is changing everything and when the company begins to lose business he thinks it is their competitor who has been making friends with Rose.

A Way of Escape - Serena B. Miller - Blake Ramsey fought the war on drugs until it took him down.  He died of an overdose, but his wife and daughter don't believe it and when they start checking the facts they themselves become a target.  Will they find the killer before the killer finds them?

The Brightest and Best - Olivia Newport - #3 Amish Turns of Time - Ella plans on marrying Gideon, but the US government puts a hault to it when they say all Amish children must attend regular school, not the Amish school they have been attend and when parents take a stand, there is consequences to their quiet protests.  Will there be a what to balance God's Will and the government's will?

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