Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Release - Be My Valentino - Sandra Bricker

Dear Readers,

I think Sandra Bricker is about the only author I know of that can take on such a heavy subject and yet do it with a sense of humor.  Be My Valentino by Sandra is the second in her Jessie Stanton Novels.  Jessie has just found out about her husband's double life and is now moving on.
On a Ring and a Prayer is book 1 in the series and with book 2 we pick up the story where the other left off.  Jessie is now trying to get her feet under.  She is struggling to get her rental store on its feet which in Hollywood should be easy that it seems.

The problem arises when the local paparazzi take a liking to Jessie's newest model.  When he shows up on the front cover of one of the local newspapers, his PI business begins to suffer.  Can their relationship survive?  Will her store get more business because of it?  How does Jessie know if this relationship is the one or will it end in disaster also?

So light hearted and yet with very serious undertones.  Sandra addresses life issues while encouraging those embroiled in them, to carry on with life.  There is none of the woe is me type character, but ones that after a good cry, pull up themselves and move on in their lives.

An really good book to bring along on that end of summer vacation.

Happy Reading,

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