Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lisa Wingate

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with Lisa Wingate's writing years ago when she was writing for the ABA market.  So when she started writing for the CBA (Christian Market) I was so excited to start carrying her books here at the store, but also to start reading them. 

The Sea Keeper's Daughter is her newest release and once again Lisa takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride.  One that may even have you packing your bags to head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to find the Excelsor Hotel and help Whitney find her past. 

Whitney and her business partner Denise are struggling.  They have one restaurant that is doing well and another that is not.  They are fighting the "good old boy system" where their second restaurant is located.  It is actually driving them to bankruptcy and Whitney just doesn't know where else to turn. 

She receives a message from a stranger in North Carolina telling her that her step-father is not doing well and she needs to come and take care of him.  She sees it as a way to maybe get some quick money from the sale of the Hotel she inherited from her mother.  The only problem is that Clyde lives there and gets to, according to the will, as long as he wants. 

What Whitney finds doesn't change her attitude about Clyde or the Hotel.  She just wants to clean it out and sell it to the highest bidder.  But as she starts sorting through her mother's and grandmother's stuff, she discovers a story that changes how she understands her family.  

If you have read The Story Keeper, then you will for sure want to read this one.  They are not really a series and yet I do recommend you read them in order if possible.  Once again Lisa writes a story that draws you in and makes you wish to join the journey of discovery.   It may even make you do a little research on your own, it did me. 

Happy Reading

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