Monday, August 17, 2015

New Releases - August 10 - 15

Dear Readers,

I can not believe it is the last half of the month.  This week is our annual Youth Pastor breakfast and so I will be working with that most of the week and then am going to take a couple days off to relax before hitting the busy September season.  I will be ready to enjoy a couple really good books.

Happy Reading,

Guardians of the Heart - Loree Lough - #2 Secrets of Sterling Street - Though their journeys are different both Nell and Asa have one goal in mind, return the Stone Hill Inn to former glory.  But disaster strikes and they both must face their past before they can be together.

Bathsheba - Angela Hunt - #2 A Dangerous Beauty Novel - The woman who caused King David to falter.  Bathsheba is one of the most notorious women in history and her only fault was her beauty.  What was she really like?

Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs - Dr. Elmer Towns - The story of Remle as he becomes something he never thought he would - a major league pitcher.  As life crashes around him, a police inspector comes alongside him to help him work through everything thrown in his path.

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade - Virginia Smith - #1 Tales from the Goose Creek B&B - Al Richardson just wants to retire - 3 years and 63 days, but who's counting.  But his wife has other plans, she wants to start a B&B and the town, well the town is in a tizzy over who should paint the water tower.

Be My Valentino - Sandra D. Bricker - #2 A Jessie Stanton Novel - As Jessie starts to stand on her own after her husband's secrets were revealed, she hopes to put her store on the map.  In Hollywood that is easier said than done.  Suddenly her reluctant model is getting more attention than the store and that is not helping his career as an undercover agent.

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