Thursday, August 20, 2015

Billy Coffey

Dear Readers,

Have you heard what is happening in Crow Hollow?  It seems that a few teens decided to go up to the old haunted mines to celebrate one of the girls birthday and instead they awaken the witch that lives there and now they are all sick.  In fact not only are those girls sick, but all the girls in town are sick. 

Yup just the girls, none of the boys even though there was one of the teen boys that went along.  There was something about a bracelet that the witch stole and all the girls were trying to do was get it back so they could put it back where they got it from.

I know amazing isn’t.  The sad part is now the folks in town are turning on each other.  Did you hear about what they did to the grocery store?  My goodness. 

Have you heard the latest rumor?  The one about Stu, the witches late husband?  Oh let me tell you.  It will make your hair stand on end…

The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey is his 4th book set in the hills of Virginia.  I have enjoyed all 4 of them now, but this one kept me on my edge of my seat just a bit longer.  It is that type of tale that you might tell around a campfire just to see if you can scare the other there with you.

It is easy to imagine what is happen in the story is real because Billy has a way of writing that makes you feel at home.  Whether you want to live there or not.  I know personally I really don't think I would be comfortable in that little town like Crow Hollow if there really was a curse hanging over them.  But Billy welcomes you in anyways and boy you better be ready for a scary little ride. 

Happy Reading, 

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