Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Release - The Memory Weaver - Jane Kirkpatrick

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with Jane Kirkpatrick's writing many years ago and always eagerly await any and all new books from her.  Jane's newest book to hit the market is Memory Weaver and as is most of her writing, based on a true story.

The+Memory+WeaverThis time we meet Eliza Spalding Warren who as a child is taken hostage by the Cayuse Indians.  She is still haunted by memories of that time and struggles with how to deal with trauma in any situation.  She wishes she could ask her mother, but all she has of hers is the diaries she kept.  As Eliza searches the diaries for answers, she realizes that her memories of the day she was taken is much different than what her mother writes.

Jane's writing style puts you right into the middle of the story and makes you wish they taught history in school the way she writes books.  I know I would have liked history class if we could have followed regular people across the plains instead of only those that made the "headlines" so to speak.

Stories like Eliza's make history come to life and I am so glad that Jane takes the time to find these stories and share them with the rest of us.  I can't wait to get started on Memory Weaver and learn more about America's history and the people that made her great.

Happy Reading,

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