Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Release - A Life Intercepted - Charles Martin

Dear Readers,

I love love love Charles Martin's books.  They are one of the sappiest books you can read and yet there is something very powerful about them.  There are messages hidden in the pages for everyone.  He makes sure his characters are real, with faults all their own, but shared by so many of us.  In A Life Intercepted, Charles once again takes us on a journey that we may know little about, but he makes it one we can walk easily with the characters.

A Life InterceptedMatthew "the Rocket" Rising had everything he had always dreamed of.  He married his high school sweetheart, he was drafted number one into the NFL and life was good.  Then the night of the draft he is accused of a horrible crime he did not commit.  With evidence that is irrefutable, Matthew ends up in jail.

12 years later he is released with the condition that he will not have anything to do with football, on any level.  Matthew just wants to win his wife's love back and sets out to find her.  But the one thing that may win her back, may cost him everything all over again, including his freedom.

A story that can take you to the highest peaks and the lowest lows, Charles will take you on an emotional roller coaster that once you step off makes you wish the ride had been just a little bit longer. 

Happy Reading,

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