Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

Somewhere+Safe+with+Somebody+Good%3A+The+New+Mitford+NovelI just spent this past weekend in one of my favorite towns.  I went home to Mitford along with Father Tim and Cynthia in the next installment of the Mitford books,  Somewhere Safe with SomeoneGood by Jan Karon.  They have just returned home from their trip to Ireland and are ready to settle in for a good rest.  Father Tim is looking to enjoy his retirement and relax, read, and stop being the one who is in charge.  Of course you know that is not what is going to happen in Mitford, there are always a million things that need doing and when you are as deeply embedded in the life of a town as Father Tim is in Mitford, your work is never done. 

We soon find the good father once again “meddling” in other’s lives and helping every time he turns around.  There is even a time when he tries to say no and the person who is volunteering him just won’t listen. 

For those that have never read the Mitford books, do yourself a favor and start with At Home in Mitford.  It is the start of a wonderful adventure with a cast of unlikely characters that you will grow to love.  Each one has something special about them and you will find yourself wishing they were your neighbors.  It is one of those series that make you glad that small town USA still exists and they still take care of their own.

Happy Reading

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