Monday, May 30, 2016

New Releases - May 23 - 28

Dear Readers,

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Thank you to all who are serving or have served.  Your service is not forgotten.

Happy Reading,

The Progeny - Tosca Lee - Emily wakes up to find she remembers nothing of her past.  Nothing.  She is quickly on the run as her life is threatened by more than one person.  But she can't remember who taught her to protect herself and who are the good guys and who are the bad guys or why?  Will she find out soon enough? 

Jilted - Varina Denman - #3 Mended Hearts - (backcover copy) ...tells a story of a woman who has lost the joy of living, of a man determined to draw her back toward happiness and of a town that must - once and for all - leave the past where it belongs. 

Just Life - Neil Abramson - When the street dogs of NYC are suspected of spreading a dangerous virus, the governor calls the national guard to quarantine them all.  Samantha and her ragtag group fight for the animals lives.  She knows they are not the problem, but is trying to find the true culprit that is spreading the virus.

Son's Vow - Shelley Shepard Gray - #1 The Charmed Amish Life - After the tragic fire that cost 5 Amish men their lives, the town of Charm has not looked at the Kurtz family the same.  Darla struggles to help her family heal, but her brother's anger is now spilling over onto her.

Sister Eve and the Blue Nun - Lynne Hinton - #3 A Divine Private Detective Agency series - Sister Eve returns to her enclave only to find another murder mystery.  Some one has poisoned the researcher working on the life of the "Blue Nun."  Why would anyone want to kill over the research?  Why would the killer take the manuscripts that haven't even been read yet?

The Valley of Dry Bones - Jerry Jenkins - 17 years of drought has had everyone but a few Holdouts leaving California.  The contingency feels called by God to stay, but as their beliefs and cultures clash, the voice of God maybe the answer for them all.

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