Monday, May 9, 2016

New Releases - May 2 - 7

Dear Readers,

Some good titles this past week.  Many of the summer reads are releasing, which makes me even more eager for the warm temps to stay.

Happy Reading,

Cain - Brennan S. McPherson - The story of the first murder and the evil it unleashed.

Apple of His Eye - Kelly Caldwell - Amish Pie Series #1 - Rob King asks his best friend to watch over his girl while Rob is away taking care of his grandfather.  John Miller takes that request seriously, until he finds himself falling in love with Tabitha.

Sins of the Past - Dee Henderson/Dani Pettrey/Lynette Eason - 3 in 1 book - Secrets and lies.  Danger that will never go away.  3 top romantic suspense authors join together to keep you  on the edge of your seat.

Change of Heart - Rachel J. Good - #1 Sisters and Friends Series - Lydia is risking her own reputation, job and courtship to protect her sister.  Emma is running wild during her Rumschpringe and Lydia teams up with Caleb to Emma and Caleb's younger brother apart.  But the more time they spend together the more they start to fall for each other.

Together at the Table - Hillary Manton Lodge - #3 Two Blue Doors series - Finally the long awaited 3rd book in the series.  Juliette's life is changing.  Her mother is not doing well, her relationship with Neil ended and her new restaurant just opened.  She is also still looking for the answers to her family's history.

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