Monday, May 23, 2016

New Releases May 16-21

Dear Readers,

Happy Victoria Day.  At least to my Canadian friends. I am not sure how you celebrate that day in Canada, but here in the U.S.  I plan on putting my feet up and reading.

Happy Reading,

Murder Comes by Mail - A.H. Gabhart - #2 A Hidden Springs Mystery - Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane is not thrilled with his new found fame.  Happily it is short lived when pictures of a murdered girl arrive in the mail.  now Michael is busy trying to find a killer.

Every Bride has her Day - Janice Thompson - #3 Brides with Style Novel - Katie is finally planning her big day.  Brady has proposed and now she can do what she has always dreamed of, plan her perfect wedding.  Her happiness is derailed when those around her begin to offer the opinions of what that day should look like.

Dawn at Emberwilde - Sarah E. Ladd - #2 A Treasure of Surrey - Isabel was never happy at Fellsworth School, but a teaching job there will help her and her sister find a stable life.  When unknown relatives show up, Isabel's life is turned upside down and she now has to learn a whole different set of rules to live by.

Messenger by Moonlight - Stephanie Grace Whitson - A novel about the pony express - Annie and her two brothers are looking for a place to settle.  Her brothers see an advertisement for the pony express and take the job and finding her one in a remote outpost.  The cantankerous owner seems to just be waiting for Annie to fail. Will she be able to prove him wrong?

Close to Home - Deborah Raney -#4 Chicory Inn Novel - Bree Whitman became a member of the Whitman family when she married Ben.  She remained a family member even after his death in Afghanistan 5 years ago.  Now she has two men interested in dating her, but she still loves Ben and his family.  Will she be able find a balance between her old love and maybe new love?

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