Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nadine Barndes

Dear Readers,

I picked up an interesting book a couple weeks ago to read.  It is A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes.  It is book #2 in the Out of Time series.

At first I wasn't sure what to do with the series itself as I wasn't to fond of how book one,  A Time to Die ended.   Very abruptly.  And (spoiler if you haven't read book #1) killing off one of my favorite character.  But I was interested enough to read book number two and when the opportunity presented itself, I decided 'why not.'

A Time To Speak
I will say I am glad I did.  The story  centers around America after a great disaster strikes.  The country has been split by a wall, you can read more about this in book one so I won't go into great detail.  Everyone on the east side can have a clock that shows them how long they have to live.  It has been a volunteer thing, but now the government has gained the ability to force everyone to have a clock.  Which means they will control everything about peoples lives. Health Care, food, jobs, housing and those that can or cannot marry or have children.

This book caused a bit of thinking and wondering, one conclusion I did come to is I don't want to know how many hours or minutes I have left.  That to me would give me much stress and someone else to much control.  It is a very interesting book, and was one it took me a while to write a review of as I kind of wanted chew on it for a while.  Other than saying you should check this series out, I don't have any conclusions for you as the story is not finished yet.  (How's that for a wishy washy answer)  But I hope to find someone else who has read this book because of the discussions we could have.

The story bogged down a few times with a bit of whining of the main character, but yet it kind of fit what the main character was going through.  When I thought about it a bit more, Parvin reminded me of the Old Testament prophets who were sent by God to warn the Israelite's, but they had a nasty habit of whining the whole way there and even sometimes back.  So I guess we all can do that when we feel like God is calling us to do something we don't want to.

Over all I am looking forward to book #3 that is due out later this year.  It is with Enclave, which was just purchased by Gilead so it will be interesting to see what that schedule is like.  Hopefully it will be pretty close as I don't want to wait a long time to find out what happens.

Happy Reading,

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