Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Addiction

Dear Readers, 
Found this on the Bethany Publisher blog.  I have to say I probably suffer from all of them.  I also refuse to get treatment for any of them. 
Happy Reading. 
Here are a few easy ways to find out if you are addicted to reading. (Tweet this!) Read through the common symptoms carefully and see how many apply to you.
One: After seeing a movie adaptation, you have to find someone to talk about the inaccuracies and inadequacies of the film compared to the novel…but you still inexplicably want all of your favorite books to be made into movies.
Two: If your Kindle was magically turned into a physical library, it would probably look like the one from Beauty and the Beast.
(Speaking of which: best movie moment of your childhood, right there.)
Three: The package delivery person carries around earplugs so as not to be deafened by your squeal of delight when a new book arrives. Which is often.
Four: Everyone knows what to get you for Christmas, or your birthday, or Mother’s Day (even if you’re not a mother), or World Book Day (it’s a real thing!), or really, any day of the week.
Five: Half of the pictures on your Dream Home board on Pinterest involve bookshelves, personal libraries, or cozy reading nooks.
Six: When you check out fewer than twelve books from the library, the librarian gives you a concerned look and asks if everything is all right.
Seven: Getting to all the titles on your to-read list on Goodreads would require you to drop out of life for at least a year with nothing but you in a room alone with books…and that doesn’t actually sound like a bad plan.
Eight: You have high standards—if the author hasn’t impressed you (or at least intrigued you) by the end of chapter one, you’re outta there! Too many books, too little time.
Nine: Some of your friends actually think your favorite fictional characters are real people because you gush about them so much.
Ten: When asked to list your hobbies, you start with “reading”…and then struggle to think of something else. Maybe…collecting books? That’s a hobby, right?
Don’t worry—there is help for a reading addiction. I recommend extensive time spent in group therapy with other reading-addicted friends, discussing your favorite books. Of course, you have to face the real world eventually…but maybe after a few more pages.
What’s your biggest indicator that you might be addicted to books?

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