Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,
When I first heard about the topic of Tosca Lee’s newest book, The Progeny, I was immediately interested.  Who would think to write a book, let alone a series, about the descendants of the most notorious female serial killer?  Well, Tosca of course. 
The+ProgenyEmily Jacobs has no idea who she is or why she decided to have her memory wiped.  She is learning to do things again, like functioning in the world, interacting with fellow humans and taking care of herself.  It has been a process, one that it seems she needs to thank her caregiver for helping her through.  As Emily starts to venture out on her own, she meets a good-looking guy at the Food Mart and strikes up a friendship.  Just as she think she can trust him, things quickly spiral out of control.  She is not sure who she can trust and she remembers nothing from her past life. 
This all happens very quickly at the beginning of the book. Almost quicker than you can get your feet under you with the story, you find yourself racing around the world.  There is much you learn right away, but it all builds on itself as you go along.  

I am going to say that the ending of the book made is what made me really want to read the second book.  The whole book kept my attention and made me want to continue on the journey with Emily, but that ending, oh my that got me excited for the 2nd book.  

I don't want to give anything away, as what fun is that for you.  But if you are into books that are well written, fast paced, with changes of direction and not knowing who can be trusted, then make sure you pick up Tosca's newest.  

Happy Reading, 

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