Monday, April 18, 2016

New Releases - April 11 - 16

Dear Readers,

So as I type this it is once again snowing.  *sigh* snow in April is not uncommon, but since we had 60's in March it is harder to take this year.  Hopefully the outdoor reading weather gets here soon.

Happy Reading,

The Rebel - Marta Perry - #3 Keepers of the Promise - Barbie Lapp is venturing out to the Englisch community.  As she finds the gruff exterior of Benuel Kauffman hides a heart of gold, she finds herself attracted to him.

Code 13 - Don Brown - #2 Navy Jag Series - Caroline is getting use to her new job at Code 13.  When her co-worker is gunned down in cold blood, she vows to find his killer.  As she starts to complete what he was working on, it becomes clear she is the next target.

Jane Two - Sean Patrick Flanery - When Jane moves into the neighborhood, Mickey forgets everything except Jane.  His grandfather doles out wisdom for everything, but how to deal with and talk to Jane.

P.S.  The outdoor weather is here!

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