Monday, April 11, 2016

New Releases - April 4 - 9

Dear Readers,

This is a busy week for me and the store.  Not only is it our spring Librarian's day, but we are also honored with a visit from Jane Kirkpatrick on Thursday evening.  I have been reading Jane's books for years and am really excited about meeting her.

If you have time let me recommend coming and listening to Jane on Thursday night at 7.

Happy Reading,

The Reluctant Duchess - Roseanna M. White - #2 Ladies of the Manor - Lady Rowena Kinnaird struggles with self esteem and when a shocking attack she flees the highland forever.  Brice Myerston is not looking to find a wife, especially since finding a treasure others would kill for.  But the more they try to stay apart, the more they are attracted to each other.  But is Rowena in even more danger?

King's Folly - Jill Williamson - #1 The Kinsman chronicles - The gods are angry and after reports of a town being swallowed by the earth, the king of Armania send his son, Prince Wilek to investigate.  What Wilek finds is something much more cataclysmic that just one missing city.  Will he be able to save his country before the land crumbles around him?

Like Never Before - Melissa Tagg - Amelia arrived in Maple Valley to find a haven to heal her broken heart.  What she found instead was a wonderful newspaper, which is now in danger of closing.  She just needs one great story to convince the owner to keep the paper open.  Logan is in town just to sell the newspaper, but when he meets Amelia he knows he has to help her solve the one unsolved mystery in Maple Valley.

The Midwife's Dilemma - Delia Parr - #3 At Home in Trinity - Midwife Martha Cade has finally decided to marry Thomas Dillon when he gets back to town.  But other decisions are plaguing her yet.  She know she needs to retire soon, but who will take over as midwife?  Her daughter's growing attraction to the new doctor and where that is leading is a troubling development.  The town of Trinity is changing everyday it seems and Martha is not sure she can handle everything that is happening.

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