Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sandra Orchard

Dear Readers, 
It is always fun to curl up with a fun, cozy mystery.  They usually have loads of humor and very little blood and gore.  Their mysteries are fun to figure out, kind of in the same way the game of Clue is fun.  You just need to collect the right cards/clues and suddenly you know who did it.
A Fool and his Monet by Sandra Orchard is just such a book, sweet and yet a fun mystery.  To make this series of books, titled A Serena Jones mystery, Sandra centers them around the art world.  Not a world many know much about.  
Serena Jones loves art and her passion is finding lost and stolen art.  She joins forces with the FBI Art Crime Team to not only hopefully catch those stealing art, but to also find out who murdered her beloved grandfather.  
Her mother believes Serena should be doing something much tamer and quieter, like meeting a nice guy and getting married.  But Serena is not quite ready for that, not to mention that she hasn't met Mr. Right yet.  When a local museum discovers their Monet is missing, Serena is on the case, much to her mother's horror.  
Like I said already, these cozy mysteries are filled with humor and funny characters.  I think because the characters are written with quirks and other "normal" issues I can relate to them quickly.  They always seem so welcoming and really don't mind if they have a problem that you find out about.  
So if you are looking for a book to read on a warm evening or one just for fun this book will fit the bill very well.  
Happy Reading, 

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