Monday, April 4, 2016

New Releases - March 28 - April 2

Dear Readers,

April!  Spring, flowers, warm temps and outdoor reading.  My favorite time of the year.

Happy Reading,

Miriam - Mesu Andrews - Mariam has been known by many names, prophetess, seer, midwife and messenger, but she really is just a watcher.  One who is watching Israel and ready to understand what the Lord wants of them.  Until her brother Moses returns with a new message, one that will disrupt her and the entire nation's life.

Back in the Saddle - Ruth Logan Herne - #1 Double S Ranch - When Colt returns from his failed career at Wall Street, he finds things very different from when he left.  There is a new house manager, feisty Angelina Morales, his younger brother, Nick, isn't ready to have Colt meddling in the ranch's affairs and the town's people are none too happy with anyone from the Double S.

Bride of a Distant Isle - Sandra Byrd - #2 Daughters of Hampshire - Annabel Ashton is a teacher at a day school for young women.  She decides to visit her family home for a quick visit.  While there she finds herself at the mercy of her cousin.  To gain quick money he is going to sell the house and force Annabel into a marriage to a sinister man.  But is Annabel the true heir to Highcliffe?

An Unbroken Heart - Kathleen Fuller - #2 An Amish of Birch Creek Novel - Joanna's last words to her parents were words of anger.  They are argueing and her parents are killed in a hit and run accident.  She herself is physically hurt and is able to recover, but nothing is the same.  Including her relationship with Andrew Beiler.

The Young Messiah - Anne Rice - Originally published as Christ the Lord - now a movie - 7 year old Jesus and his parent make the journey back from Egypt.

The Inheritance - Michael Phillips - #1 Secrets of the Shetland - When Macgregor Tulloch passes away, everyone assumes that his grand-nephew will inherit the estate, but when no will is found it throws not only the estate into turmoil, but also the people that rely on them for jobs.  Will the true heir ever be found?  And who is this stranger from America that shows up suddenly?

Brush of Wings - Karen Kingsbury - #3 Angels Walking series - Despite needed a heart transplant, Mary moves to Uganda to work in an orphanage.  Marcus knows there is something very wrong with Mary's health, he just doesn't know how serious it is.  Will the angels among them be able to bring about the impossible?

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