Monday, November 2, 2015

New Releases - October 26 -31

Dear Readers,

I really am very indifferent on Halloween.  As a kid I loved the candy and fun of going out with friends to collect as much as we can.  Yes I was one of those middle school kids who went out to collect candy, but that was only one year. :-)  Anyways, I usually wait through October for the writing and reading world to get back to normal and stop releasing just scary/spooky/paranormal books.  Not that I mind a good spooky book, but every other book seems to have that theme at this time of year.

So thankfully I have several titles that have nothing to do with the creepy crawly books.

Happy Reading,

Hester on the Run - Linda Byler - Hester's Hunt for Home #1 - Hester is a foundling.  Her Amish parents have raised her Amish, but when her mother becomes sick, her two worlds collide.  Hester must find out for herself who she really is.

The Dog that Saved Stewart Coolidge - Jim Kraus - A stray dog starts stealing bones and is leads Stewart to talk to his neighbor.  Lisa has been hurt once before, but is ready for love again.  Stewart is harboring a secret and he knows that it will change their relationship.  Will he find the courage to tell Lisa the truth?

Beyond the Cherokee Trail - Lisa Carter - Linda Birchfield is in charge of commemorating the anniversary of the Trail of Tears.  Not everyone is excited to celebrate something that is still painful for the Cherokee nation.  Walker Crowe is among those that see no need to remember the walk that cost his people their land, but he is sworn to protect Linda from someone who is set on destroying her and the festival.

A Refuge at Highland Hall - Carrie Turansky - Edwardian Bridges #3 - Penny never planned on living somewhere besides Highland Hall.  WWI changed those plans and she moves to London to help her sister raise 8 orphans that she has taken in.  While there she meets handsome RNAS pilot Alex Goodwin and her plans change again.

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