Friday, November 13, 2015

New Release - Embers - Ronie Kendig - #1 Abiassa's Fire

Dear Readers,

Ronie Kendig has quite a following because of her military centered books and series she has been writing.  Male and female readers have fallen in love with her books are eagerly await any new books.  So when I found her writing a fantasy series, I was very excited to bring the book into the store.  Embers book #1 in the Abiassa's Fire series promises to keep readers longing for the next book.

The story starts with Haegan and Kaelyria, heirs to the Nine Kingdoms.  As siblings they have been close, but Haegan's physical disability is a problem.  Especially against the threat of war with Poired Dyrth, the greatest enemy their kingdom has ever faced.  The only way to defeat Poired Dyrth is for Kaelyria to transfer her power of fire-harnessing to Haegan, but the price she will pay maybe to high.

Readers will find themselves immersed in the story of the Nine Kingdoms from the start and ready to help defeat the Kingdom's mortal enemy.  I know that Ronie will paint a wonderful new kingdom that we will all be ready to continue visiting for as many visits as possible.

Happy Reading,

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