Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Release - The Dog that Saved Stewart Coolidge

Dear Readers,

Author Jim Kraus hit upon an idea a couple years ago.  Books that have animals as one of the main character.  I will be honest when I first heard about the idea I was a little dubious about it.  I really was worried they would be terribly cheesy and not fun to read.  Well Jim proved me wrong, not only because I enjoyed them completely but because other readers have also.  They just fly off the shelf and readers are asking for more.

The+Dog+That+Saved+Stewart+CoolidgeThe Dog that Saved Stewart Coolidge is the latest of this style of book and it promises to be just as heartwarming as the other titles.  I should also say Jim writes about dogs and cats so there is no argue about which pet is better.

Stewart Coolidge has been looking for an excuse to talk to his cute neighbor, Lisa.  The new stray dog seems to be that perfect excuse.  The dog has been helping himself to the bones at the local supermarket and has become a wanted criminal.  When Lisa asks Stewart if she can interview him for the local paper about the crime spree, he readily agrees and a friendship is born.

Using dogs or cats to tug at the heart strings is not a new ploy with authors.  But Jim does it with a delightful sense of humor and very realistic characters.  He makes you want to go out and either hug your pet at home or adopt a new one.  Which is why his books are so endearing to all who read them.

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