Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Release - Beyond The Cherokee Trail - Lisa Carter

Dear Readers,

Lisa Carter has been quietly writing for the inspirational community for several years now.  She has developed her own following with her own brand of romantic suspense books.  Beyond the Cherokee Trail is her newest release and once again she takes us on a very different adventure with her characters.

Beyond+the+Cherokee+TrailLinden Birchfield is asked to organize a commemoration of the Trail of Tears.  It has been a 180 years since this horrible event happened in America's history.  Walker Crow is one who believes the event should not happen.  Why remember something that is still a painful memory to those ancestors walk that trail, not only losing their live, but also their homes and land.

But they must unite against an adversary who is determined to not only end the commemoration, but maybe even Linden's life.  Will Walker be able to save the woman who seems to have won his heart?

By that brief synopsis of the book you can see that Lisa does take us to a different storyline than most romantic suspense books.  She also helps us remember something very painful and maybe find healing for those whose families were involved in anyway.

Lisa's books are often harder to read for this reason, but don't let that keep you from discovering her very interesting books.

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