Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Release - the Five Times I Met Myself - James L. Rubart

Dear Readers,

I have really enjoyed reading James Rubart's books.  They all seem to have a different perspective on life.  The Five Times I Met Myself promises that also.  What would you say to your younger self if you could go back in time?  Would you change any of your decisions?  Would you marry? Not Marry?  How about kids, would you have more or less?  Hmmm interesting questions.

Brock Matthews' promising life is unraveling.  He is losing everything, his company, his marriage.  It is all falling apart.  Then he starts having dreams about his younger self, dreams where he is able to talk to himself and maybe change the way things have turned out.  But will he?

Would you?  What a question to ask yourself as you are reading the book.  It is amazing to me the discussion you can have with a group about those type of questions.  Yes I have goofed up many many things throughout my life, but wouldn't I change anything.  Well I maybe some of the clothing choices I made in the 80's and definitely some of the hair styles I have worn. :-)

Happy Reading,

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