Thursday, February 27, 2014

Susan Meissner

Dear Readers,
I could hardly wait to start my vacation not only because of the time in the sun and warmth of Florida, but I was going to start a book that I had been waiting to read since I knew Susan Meissner was working on A Fall of Marigolds.  
I hate to say it, the book never made it to Florida, I finished it on the plane ride down.  I started it in the airport waiting for the first flight and could hardly lay it down to get on the flight.  I am glad I did make the plane as it was beautiful weather and I got 4 other books read.  
A Sound Among TreesThere is a scarf that connects two woman across the years.  Clare is a nurse who has retreated to Ellis Island to recover from a tragedy that she witnessed.  A fire ripped through the building she was working at, but she couldn't help the men and women trapped on the upper floors and had to watch as they started leaping to their deaths.  
Taryn's life was saved by a beautiful scarf.  She was on the way to the North Tower to meet her husband and tell him the wonderful news that she was finally pregnant.  She couldn't wait to get there, but a client wanted her to stop and pick up the scarf to see if she could match it.  She survived, but he did not.  
There was something about this book that made me not want to put it down.  It made me do something that doesn't happen to me often.  It made me cry. I didn't weep, but it sure did make me tear up.  I got done reading and I wanted to turn to my seat mate to tell them they had to read this book, but I am sure that my husband isn't so interested in reading this book.  
So I will tell you instead, if you haven't read any of Susan's books, this would be a great one to start with.   It shows her at her best, a modern storyline and a historical storyline.  She is so good at showing us how much we are all connected to each other whether in the same decade or not. 
Happy Reading,

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