Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Release - Princess ever After - Rachel Hauck

Dear Readers,

What little girl hasn't dreamed that they are really a princess in hiding.  One that was taken from their country to live a 'normal' life to later reclaim their throne.  Rachel Hauck in Princess Ever After takes that thought in hand and writes about Regina who is more at home in the classic restoration shop working on cars than in any dress.   Little does she know that a fairy tale is about to come true for her.

Tanner is trying to find the long lost princess to save the country of Hessenberg.  Once Tanner finds the princess he needs to bring her back even with sever opposition, one that could even be a threat to Regina's life.

 There is something fun about reading fairy tales, there is something wonderful for the soul.  We have all dreamed of a life in the lap of luxury and how perfect it would be.  Once we grew up and realized that it was only childish, those dreams died, but how fun it is to revisit those innocent times for a brief period.

Rachel is good at that and this is the second in the Royal Wedding series.  Take some time away, dust off your tiara and pretend for a bit that you are that long lost princess.

Happy Reading,

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