Friday, February 21, 2014

New Release - Fall of Marigolds - Susan Meissner

Dear Readers,

Susan Meissner does not write books fast enough to suit me.  She really needs to start releasing books at least once a month and that way I will never worry about what I am going to read next, I will always have one of hers on hand. 

A Fall of Marigolds    -     By: Susan Meissner
I was hooked by her writing in the Rachel Flynn series and have read her books as close to their release dates as I could.  I have taken them on vacation, mission trips or just a weekend at home, but they are must reads for me.  I am so looking forward to reading The Fall of Marigolds while on vacation and then reporting back to you. 

Two women an hundred years apart have their stories connected by a scarf.  One that has it point her to the truth and the second one is forced to confront the powers at work in her life.

In the style that Susan does best, she combines past and present and reminds us that we all effect others, even if sometimes it might be years after we have left the planet. 

Happy Reading,

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