Monday, February 17, 2014

New Releases - February 10 - 15

Dear Readers,

February can be such a long month in the northern states and this year that is going to be very true.  With over 100 inches of snow on the ground a prediction for more, we are looking towards many more weeks of not being able to do much outside. 

Sometimes the only way to survive the winter months is a bunch of good books, thankfully we have another good long list of new releases.

Happy Reading,

Susanna's Dream - Marta Perry - #2 Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley - Susanna's life is upside down.  She is mourning the lose of her mother, her business partner is hinting about leaving their gift shop and now she found out her mother is not her birthmother and she has two sisters.

Princess Ever After - Rachel Hauck - #2 the Royal Wedding Series - She is a small town girl who love to restore cars.  He is the Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg who need to find the long-lost princess to save the throne.

Mark of Evil - Tim LaHaye/Craig Parshall - #4 The End Series - As the reign of the Anti-Christ reaches new heights, Josh and the Remnant fight for their survival.

Friend Me - John Faubion - Rachel and Scott's marriage is in trouble.  They both turn to a friend on the internet, but that friend has other plans for them.  Ones that may cost their lives.

Hopeful - Shelley Shepard Gray - #1 Return to Sugarcreek - Miriam puts on a good front.  She appears to be happy, but she really longs for a family of her own.  When the man she longs for starts paying attention, she is thrilled, until she realizes that he is only using her to get the attention of another woman.

Love Redeemed - Kelly Irvin - #2 The New Hope Amish - Phoebe is so excited to head out on a vacation with her family at the lake, but when tragedy strikes, her and Michael need to discover that forgiveness is available.

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