Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Release - Shaken - Kariss Lynch

Dear Readers,

Shaken by Kariss Lynch is her first book from what I can understand or find.  If it is different someone correct me.  Now that is not where her writing started, it sounds like she feel in love with writing in the 3rd grade and she has been pursuing that dream ever since. 

Kaylan follows her calling to serve in Haiti, where she finds a people she can love and help.  Even with a voodoo priest that tries to stop her work, she know she is doing what God wants her to do.

Nick Carmichael never thought he would love anything or anyone more than he loves his country.  As a Navy SEAL he is use to difficult and dangerous situations, but when Kaylan is trapped in Haiti after the earthquake the devastated the country, he knows she is not prepared for any of it.  Will his love and faith be enough to rescue her?

The Earthquake that shattered Haiti was over 4 years ago already, hard to believe.  I personally was surprised that there hasn't been more fiction books about the tragedy and someone had to lead the way. 

I am not sure what I would have done if a loved one was stuck in a 3rd world country when a natural disaster happened.  Kariss is giving us a chance to explore our own emotions and thoughts of what we may or may not do if that would even happen to us. 

Happy Reading

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