Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Release - Friend Me - John Faubion

Dear Readers,

There has been so much on the News about the dangers of the internet and some of the social media sites.  It has worked its way into the fiction books before and once again with Friend Me by John Faubion.  The dangers he writes about are to a marriage already in trouble.

Friend+Me%3A+A+Novel+of+SuspenseRachel is a lonely housewife.  Her marriage to Scott is on the edge and because she is desperate for attention, she creates a virtual friend.  She befriends Melissa on line, unknowing that Melissa has also friended Scott, Rachel's husband.

Melissa is searching for the perfect man and figures she has found him in Scott.  As Melissa gets more and more aggressive, Scott and Rachel realize that not only must they save their marriage, but their very lives are at stake.

As the winter drags on, it is time to get out that book that keeps you awake at night.  Friend Me will be one that may also keep you off the net for a couple of days. 

Happy Reading,

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