Sunday, September 6, 2009

MItchell Bonds

Dear Readers,

I always have a few people asking for teen books. Hero, Second Class by Mitchell Bonds is written for teens, but I can think of several adults that will probably like this book also. It is a fun and very sarcastic book, which does make it different than most books I have read. The sole reason I picked this book up was because Eric Wilson recommended it on Amazon reviews. I had just finished his Haunt of Jackels and was wondering about it. What made me look for it at all was I received a letter about it getting nominated for an award, which I can't remember now. Well I am very glad that I did read it.

This is not a typically Christian novel. It is almost just plain silly, but it is not light, but sarcastic. Which I do understand won't be for everyone, but I did think that maybe readers of the Harry Potter books might like as Harry can have its very sarcastic moments.

This books starts with a battle between Villain Voshtyr Demonkin and the Hero Crimson Slash. Voshtyr is trying to conquer the world and is setting his evil plan in to action. The problem is he didn't plan on a Hero being in the palace that he has attacked. Crimson Slash was just enjoying a meal with the king and happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Shortly after that we meet Cyrus who is soon to be an Hero apprentice. He passes the Hero tryouts with flying colors and soon is apprenticed to the Crimson Slash. He has always dreamed of becoming a Hero, just like his dad.

What follows is a interesting story where Heroes pay dues to the Hero's Guild and Villains are restricted to one eclipse of the sun per month. There are rules about being a Hero, like a Hero must always rescue a damsel in distress and a dragon must capture damsels and hold them hostage until their families pay the ransom. Villains also belong to a Guild and are regulated by rules also, but they don't always play by the rules and of course the worst of all is Voshtyr Demonkin.

I wasn't sure what to expect, the author is only 20 years old and started this book as a short story. Amazingly his short story turned into 600 pages. They are all well worth it. It is also very much a book #1 in a series. You will be able to tell, but I am not telling why as it gives some of the story away.

For me I was completely sold on the story when I read the first paragraph of the 1st chapter. I have included it just to give you a good idea what the book is like. "Once upon a Time in a faraway kingdom, there lived an old man and his wife. They had no children, and the old man prayed every day that he and his wife would have a son. This story has absolutely nothing to do with them." Does that help you understand why I liked it?

Seriously though, I am pretty sure that most teenage boys will like this book and there will probably be several girls that will like it also. If you yourself are looking for something just a bit off, this is a wonderful read for that.

Happy Reading

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