Friday, September 11, 2009

Lynn Austin

Dear Readers,

I really like Lynn Austin's books. I think I have them all read now, including her newest, Though Waters Roar.

What do you do when your Great-grandmother hid runaway slaves, your grandmother fought for prohibition and woman's suffrage and you yourself have just been thrown in jail for running liquor? Harriet is going to have lots of time to think about it as she is in jail and refuses to call anyone to come bail her out.

What comes out for us is a good and interesting read. I personally could really relate to Harriet's character. She struggled to fit in with her own family. Her mother and sister were caught up in all the girly things of the time. Tea parties with the ladies, shopping and just generally being refined. Harriet on the other hand vowed to never marry and certainly never have children. She was described as plain, with a good head on her shoulders. That isn't really what a girl of that time would like to hear if she was looking for a suitable mate.

Instead Harriet wants to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and help change the world. I kept things of the line "good girls don't change the world." It wasn't that Harriet wanted to get arrested, but she didn't find that her grandmother had gotten arrested several times as a bad thing.

This is really a fun book to read. It is set in a time of America's history that not many books are written about. I also have to admit that I kept thinking of the mother in Mary Poppins movie who is fighting for the woman's suffrage movement. She is a bit shallow and thankfully the grandmother seems to be much more level headed, but it is kind of funny. (Watch the movie to get a good idea of what I mean. :-)

Just a reminder, Lynn will be in our store on Sept, 19th from 10 - 12. If your book clubs are interested in coming let me know, otherwise just come and have Breakfast with Lynn.

Happy Reading

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