Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mindy Starns Clark

Dear Readers,

Mindy Starns Clark loves to set her books in the south. Her newest, Under the Cajun Moon, is no different. It takes part in New Orleans and the surrounding swampland.

Chloe hasn't been back to New Orleans in years. She really doesn't care to go home either. She doesn't have fond memories of the city or her parents restaurant. But after her mother's frantic phone call telling her that her Dad had been shot, Chloe hurries home. Within hours of arriving home she finds out about a buried treasure, is drugged and accused of murder and is driven around the swamps of the local area.

When Chloe teams up with an old family friend, they set out to prove Chloe's innocence and to find the person who shot her father. As they race through the swamps Chloe is less and less sure of who she can trust, even the guy she is sharing the boat with.

Easily I can say that if you like Mindy's other books, you will like this one. She is so consistent in her writing, she is just great fun to read and recommend. I can also easily say that as many snakes as Chloe runs into, I won't be racing down to New Orleans to visit anytime soon. At least not with out a really big snake. :-)

Happy Reading

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