Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mary E. DeMuth

Dear Readers,

Mary's long awaited third book, Daisy Chain, is finally here. Her two book series, Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions touched so many hearts and they wanted more.

Daisy Chain is the beginning of the Defiance Texas trilogy. I don't know much about the series other than that it is off to a great start.
Daisy and Jed are about as different as two people can be and yet they have a lot in common. They are best of friends and share so much together. So when Daisy goes missing, Jed knows for sure it is his fault. He told her he would take care of her and yet she gets in trouble. He heads for home without her instead of walking her home. The next morning she is reported gone. No sign or clue of where she has gone.

This is not a gentle read, but it is a good one. I really did like it. It made me mad at times, very sad at others, but I also laughed about the growing up ordeal that we all must go through to become a normal functioning adult. It is never easy, but sometimes it is harder for others than anyone else.

Defiance, Texas looks like a perfect little town to live in, until you see the other side. Such as Jed's dad, who is thought of as a wonderful preacher. His congregation loves him. On the other hand his family lives in fear of him. Muriel is not someone you would think of to be a great help to a teenage boy who has lost his best friend, but she is. Nothing is what it seems on the outside.

I can say that if you were someone waiting for her next novel, you will like this one. If you hadn't read her yet, put her on your must read. She will take you on a ride that you might not be quite ready for, but is one that you will remember.

Happy Reading

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