Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beth Pattillo

Dear Readers,

If any of you are following along on my daily updates on my blog, you know I have been reading this book with some ups and downs. Jane Austen ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo. I have and will freely admit that I do not have a great love affair with Jane Austen books. I have found them a bit predictable and somewhat dry. I don't much care for her characters and even struggle with the movies made about the books. So to say the least I wasn't all that excited about this book, except...

I do like Beth Pattillo. I have read several of her books and have her second of the Knit Lit Society books in my to read pile. So there is the dilemma, am I going to like this book or not? Well I am happy to report I did enjoy it. It was a fun little read. One of those sweet stories that you are sure is going to turn out one way and doesn't. Nice.

Emma Douglas has decided that Jane Austen is to blame for all the trouble in her life. She was promised a happily ever after if she married the right guy and did all the right things. The problem is no one told her about the part of the story that has her finding her husband with another woman. Jane never says anything about that at the end of her stories. Now what? Her marriage, her career and her life in general in ruins.

Emma decides to follow up on the possibilities that the destroyed letters of Jane's do exist. She has been corresponding with a widow from England who claims to have all of Jane's missing letters. Emma is determined to find these letters and publish them for the world to know, gaining back her career and getting a bit of revenge on Jane.

Of course you all know that things don't go as planned and the widow seems a bit more formidable than Emma planned on. It just makes for a fun little read. It isn't really a love story, more of a story of recovery and finding yourself. It is one that is just a story you read and cheer on the "heroine" to find what she is actually looking for.

Like I said this is just a good story and you don't need to be a big fan of Jane Austen to like it. In fact it might help if you don't like her a bit.

Happy Reading

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