Monday, February 2, 2009

Neta Jackson and Linda Nichols

Dear Readers,

The first new release I want to mention today is Harry Bentley's Second Chance by Dave Jackson. Neta, from the Yada Yada fame, and her husband Dave are trying something new. They are writing a side by side series. Only they are each writing a seperate book. Neta's as you remember is Where do I go? with Gabby being the main character. In that book you meet Gabby's doorman Harry. Dave takes that character and runs with it.

Harry is now one of the Yada Yada Brothers. This is his story and it is happening at the same time as Neta's. It is a bit different, but an interesting twist on the storyline. How many times have you read a book and thought I would really like to know that "background" character better. Well now you can.

Harry is a retired cop, that is working hiding out as a doorman. He is waiting for the trial to come up that he will blow the whistle on fellow police officers that have turned bad. He isn't real thrilled with life right now, but he is about to get a second chance at life, not just with work.
Dave has written several kids historical biographies with Neta and is taking on a new chapter in his life. I think this series has good potentil. I hope they both are able to keep up with each other.

One other book I wanted to mention is At the Scent of Water by Linda Nichols. This is a rerelease of a very good book. It was really not on the shelves very long when it was out the first time. Which is to bad as it is a very good book. I have loved Linda Nichols from the first book of her's I read, Not a Sparrow shall fall. I just wanted to point this one out if you didn't get a chance to read it the first time. Enjoy it this time around

Happy Reading

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