Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul Robertson

Dear Readers,
Ok this one was a bit tougher to write. I know not many people have read Paul Robertson, but I have enjoyed his other books. They are just a bit different that what I normally read. It is a lot of reading. I know that sounds weird as that is what a book is all about, but in Paul's books there isn't always that much action and it is mostly "thoughts" and conversations. It is "reading" instead of "interaction."

According to Their Deeds is not any different, but it is well worth the read. It is centered around an antique book store. Our main character is a book dealer. He handles rare and old books. He loves books and treats books like friends instead of just something that sits on the shelf.

Charles goes to an auction to buy back books that he sold a close friend that has past away. The problem is he buys more trouble than he bargained for. What he finds hiding in the books can change the course of history. Ok maybe not that drastic, but it could change the course of someone's life.

I really enjoyed this book because of the information on books. I love going into stores that just smell like old books should smell like. I love our used book section here at Baker's for that reason alone. I have always loved the thought of being the first one to open a book, but I also love to hold those old books that have a history to them. Ones with writing in them from the readers own thoughts are so interesting. Those that have a family history to them because they have been passed down from family member to family member, and who doesn't love to find that old book that was much loved story from your childhood.

Well there I go off on one of those rabbit trails... So back to the book. One thing I must mention, if you don't like puns, don't read this book. It is one of Charles' favorite things to do. It is great word play and Paul pulls it off well, but if you are like me it did get a bit old. (I will admit a couple made me giggle though.) It adds to the story and actually a couple of them are hints as to what is going on and with who. Just a neat addition to the story.
This isn't a guns blazing,shoot 'em up mystery, but it is a good story.

Happy Reading

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